Working Together

You will find that working with me is convenient, efficient, and effective. We can meet in-person or online, in the evening or on weekends, the choice is yours. Trust is very important on both sides. That's why I prefer to meet face-to-face. We get to truly know and learn about each other faster.

Asking questions. From our very first meeting, questions and straight-forward answers are the cornerstone of a successful relationship. I will ask many questions and I expect you to do the same.

Relax, I've got your back. I care about every goal you have. I take them personally. I'll send you a note when something exciting happens. I'll give you honest assessments of strategic options.

Preparing for anything. Changes in life happen. One of my top priorities is to develop financial strategies that can be adapted to change. That includes making sure you have a budget, emergency fund, and other preparedness basics.